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Yuni is a skincare & makeup junkie who loves messing around in the kitchen and occasionally goes travelling for the sake of gram (lol just kidding). This is her blog to share about her daily bits and pieces.

#SkincareWithYuni – Hello my fellow skincare addicts! Go and read my reviews on skincare products that I madly love and some that didn’t work on my acne-prone skin. 

#MakeupWithYuni – Eyebrows on fleek, winged eyeliners on point, bold red lips, sharp cheekbones, and bye cakey foundation. Wait… Did I just describe myself or Morticia Addams?

#CookingWithYuni – They said messy kitchen is a sign of happy family and tired me.

#TravellingWithYuni – Indulge in the natural beauty mother nature has bestowed upon us. Also with some tips and culinary reviews cos why not?

#LetsTalkWithYuni – Sharing session just like a focus group but trust me it won’t be boring since it’s gonna be about movies, TV series, and any hype trends.

So follow me maybe?

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