Where Do I Start?

There are so many things in my mind that I wanna put into words. But where do I start?

Does that statement ring a bell to you? Well, it just happened that I took nearly an hour choosing the right title for my first post and another hour thinking what I should write about. I am pretty sure, I am not just the only one in this endless “delete-rewrite-nope that sounds cheesy-delete-rewrite-HAHA-delete all” phase has happened at least two or 99 times when you just started writing the very first post.

Blogging has been my long overdue resolution since 2017 and finally I crossed it off in 2019 thanks to my partner in crime (slash) love of my life (yikes) who’s been diligently forcing me to get started.

A little story (not that it is important) why I have been wanting to start blogging is because I love sharing my point of view on products I have tried or currently use, my freestyle cooking recipes, my travelling experience, and my journey of getting myself Australia Permanent Resident (PR).

So, what are you? A travel blogger? Beauty blogger? Foodies? Cooking recipe blogger? or what? Make up your mind Gurl!

I don’t want to focus on a specific topic for instance travelling or beauty products since I don’t have all the money to travel or buy makeups just for the sake of review. I want my blog to represent me, bits and pieces of my days put into words with a hope that it might be helpful to you.

So, this is it! A very first post of mine up on the internet and I cannot wait to share my first review, cooking recipe, deep-thought, and travelling tips to y’all.

Last but not least, thank you so much for reading this post ’till the end. I truly appreciate that. Stay fabulous and see y’all on my next post!




3 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

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  1. That quote at the beginning!!! I haven’t posted that much in 2018 because of analysis paralysis. Now I just go ‘fuck it’ and click the publish button. Happy blogging!

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